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Hot Buttons

Technically, hot buttons are customized Action Menu toolbar buttons. HawkSoft provides us with a few standard issue hot buttons:   Renew, Issue, Rein, Cancel.  I see them on the CMS toolbar, but when is the last time I used them?  Most of my changes were started with “Action, Internal…” until the HUG conference!

Hot buttons were a hot topic in several sessions during the conference, but for those of us that had the opportunity to take “The Gear” session – we saw them in a whole new light.

Hot buttons provide more benefit than meets the eye:

  • Track what tasks each of your staff is working
  • Are most of your service issues walk ins, phone calls or emails?
  • How much mail is coming in from the companies?
  • Do you need to hire another service team person?
  • Do you need to hire another sales team person?
  • Easy, one time set up
  • Creates positive workflow efficiency
  • Easy to get your staff on board with using them!

Setting up new Action menu Hot Buttons is easy.  For instructions on how to set these up, search CMS Help for “Customizing the CMS Toolbar.”  The next step is getting everyone on board to use them.  Finally, reap the benefits in saving time and getting valuable data from your activity report.

Interested in learning more?   Join us for a short webinar (15 – 30 minutes).
Topic: Hot Buttons
Date: 07/26/2018
Time: 1:00 PM Eastern Time/12:00 PM Central Time/11:00 AM Mountain Time/10:00 AM Pacific Time
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If a webinar isn’t your thing, here is a list of the 19 Action Menu buttons that I implemented in my office after the conference.

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