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HUG Webinars are presented by HawkSoft users, HawkSoft Staff, and our vendor partners.

Recorded Webinars

Date TopicPresenterSourceLink to Recording
11/30/2021HUG Snippet - Agency AnnouncementsPat Lamb, HUG MemberHUGView Recording Here
11/4/2021Accounting TipsHawkSoftHawkSoftView Recording Here
09/29/2021HawkSoft Carrier EfficiencyRodney Cook, HUG MemberHUGView Recording Here
09/20/2021HawkSoft 6/Cloud UpdateSean Hawkins, Rushang Shah, Kenny Hendricks (HawkSoft)HawkSoftView Recording Here
08/25/2021Use Your Own Icons for Hot ButtonsGeorge Patterson, HUG MemberHUGView Recording Here
08/10/2021Using HawkSoft to Power Automated MarketingJoel Zwicker (Agency Revolution)HawkSoft PartnerView Recording Here
08/05/2021HawkTalk Live - Errors and Omissions, Oh My!Linda Anderson (HawkSoft) and Judy Sivy (OIA)HawkSoftView Recording Here
07/28/2021Working Documents in HawkSoftStephen Harrington, HawkSoft UserHUGView Recording Here
07/13/2021Go Full Circle with Lifecycle AutomationAgencyZoom & HawkSoft CustomersHawkSoft PartnerView Recording Here
07/01/2021HawkTalk Live - Agent Portal: access client data from web browserPaul Moyes & Ryan ReeseHawkSoftView Recording Here
06/23/2021Customize Your Toolbar with Hot ButtonsSarah Ferguson, HawkSoft UserHUGView Recording Here
06/17/2021Whose Data is it Anyway?Mike Stansbury, Elite Insurance; Rushang Shah, HawkSoft;
Delin Shen, Cincinnati Insurance
HawkSoft & ACTView Recording Here
06/08/2021Levitate - Break Through the Clutter, Keep in Touch with Levitate

Jesse Lipson, LevitateHawkSoft PartnerView Recording Here
06/08/2021Canopy Connect - The Fastest Way to Collect Insurance InformationTolga Tezel & Robert Boerrigter with HUG member, Pat LambHUG PartnerView Recording Here
06/03/2021HawkTalk Live - Tour of the NEW Help System!Kaylind Shields & Dion Innes, HawkSoftHawkSoftView Recording Here
05/27/2021See HawkSoft E-Signature in ActionCrystal Townsend, HawkSoft & Gabe Caldwell, FormstackHawkSoft & PartnerView Recording Here
05/11/2021HawkTalk Live: HawkSoft Tips & TricksLinda Anderson & Peggy CorbettHawkSoftView Recording Here
05/06/2021Spring Workshop - The Owner's SuitePaul Hawkins, Sean Hawkins, HawkSoftHUGView Recording Here
05/05/2021Spring Workshop - ReportsKelly Endicott & Michael Ley, HawkSoft UsersHUGView Recording Here
04/28/2021Spring Workshop - Pipeline ManagementJenn Sevilla, HawkSoft User & Matt Brauer, HawkSoftHUGView Recording Here
04/21/2021Spring Workshop - Commission TrackingDaniel Dye & Paul Connell, HawkSoft UsersHUGView Recording Here
04/21/2021Grow your agency with Rocket Referrals and Sidecar for HawkSoftTorey Maerz (Rocket Referrals) & Kenny Hendricks (HawkSoft)HawkSoft PartnerView Recording Here
04/14/2021Spring Workshop - Commercial Lines Panel Discussion / Q&AAgents/HawkSoft Users: Mike Tonsetic, Shanda Krieger, Emmanuel Osuyahe, Steven Kramer HUGView Recording Here
04/07/2021HUG Spring Workshop - HawkSoft Tidbits (aka Tips & Tricks)Jackie Bauman, HawkSoft User & Linda Anderson, HawkSoftHUGView Recording Here
04/01/2021HawkTalk Live: HawkLink - conquering carrier websitesChris LeJeune & Darrin DeFouwHawkSoftView Recording Here
03/31/2021HUG Spring Workshop - HawkSoft for BeginnersChristy Patterson & Noemi Rodriguez, HawkSoftHUGView Recording Here
03/30/2021Social Media / BlueJay ReviewsPaul MoodyHawkSoft PartnerView Recording Here
03/04/2021Database Cleanup Workshop - Session 1 Stephen Harrington (Cross Insurance)HUGView Recording Here
03/11/2021Database Cleanup Workshop - Session 2Stephen Harrington (Cross Insurance)HUGView Recording Here
03/18/2021Database Cleanup Workshop - Session 3Stephen Harrington (Cross Insurance)HUGView Recording Here
03/16/2021Semsee - Now is the Time to Grow Your Small Commercial Book – Semsee HawkSoft IntegrationPhilip Charles-Pierre, CEO and Emmeline Reed, Manager - Business OperationsHawkSoft PartnerView Recording Here
03/09/2021HawkLink for Google ChromeDarrin DeFouw, Sr. Product Owner; Jerry Fox,
VP of Carrier Relations; and Rushang Shah, Chief Marketing Officer
HawkSoftView Recording Here
03/04/2021HawkTalk Live: Dotting the I's of Being IndependentMatt Brauer, (HawkSoft) Director of Strategic Accounts and George Robertson, (Robertson Consulting) PresidentHawkSoftView Recording Here
03/02/2021Canopy Connect - How to Collect Dec Pages in 1 Click With Real Customer Examples (Demo)Tolga Tezel (CEO) & Robert Boerrigter (Sales & BD)HUG PartnerView Recording Here
02/24/2021HUG Monthly Webinar - 5 Ways to Increase Download SuccessSusan Ellermeier (HawkSoft), Stephen Harrington & Yesica Ayala (Cross Insurance Agency - HUG UsersHUGView Recording Here
02/23/2021BlueJay Reviews - Building Your Agency’s Reputation OnlinePaul Moody (Business Development Manager), BlueJayHawkSoft PartnerView Recording Here
02/18/2021Levitate - Keep-in-Touch Marketing in the COVID Era: 10 Tactics to Grow Your AgencyJesse Lipson (CEO) and Rachel Walter (Marketing Director)HUG PartnerView Recording Here
02/04/2021HawkTalk Live: Policy SnapshotMatt Brauer, (HawkSoft) Director of Strategic AccountsHawkSoftView Recording Here
01/28/2021Renew King - How to go from reactive to proactive with your clientsJoshua Hindman, FounderHawkSoft PartnerView Recording Here
1/19/2021CoverWallet - Effective Outreach in a Social Distanced MarketDr. John WalesHUG PartnerView Recording Here
01/13/2021HUG Monthly Webinar - QuickBooks Tips & Tricks (Desktop Version)Debby Neff, HawkSoftHUGView Recording Here
12/16/2020HUG Monthly Webinar - Accounting Year-End PrepCrystal Erlitz, HawkSoftHUGView Recording Here
12/09/2020HUG Monthly Webinar - QuickBooks Online - Tips & TricksCrystal Erlitz, HawkSoft Managed ServicesHUGView Recording Here
11/12/2020Slydeck - Explore Slydeck's Customer Engagement Technology for AgentsAndy Quintana, Jason WalkerHawkSoft PartnerView Recording Here
11/05/2020HUG Fall Workshop - Email MarketingKenneth Hendricks, HawkSoft & Michael Ley, HawkSoft UserHUGView Recording Here
10/29/2020HUG Fall Workshop - Sales PipelineDirk Zeigler & George Patterson, HawkSoft UsersHUGView Recording Here
10/22/2020HUG Fall Workshop - The ToolbarSteve Hooper & Corey Humrich, HawkSoft UsersHUGView Recording Here
10/15/2020HUG Fall Workshop - Advanced Reports - Everything You Should KNOW About Your AgencyStephen Harrington, HawkSoft User & Sean Hawkins, HawkSoftHUGView Recording Here
10/08/2020HUG Fall Workshop - Commercial LinesNikki Cloud, Thomas McKee, Malena Farrell (HawkSoft Users) & Cindy Frink (HawkSoftHUGView Recording Here
10/01/2020HUG Fall Workshop - HawkSoft for BeginnersChristy Patterson & Sarah Blanco, HawkSoftHUGView Recording Here
09/29/2020Aureus Analytics - Extending Your HawkSoft CMS with DONNAJohn Crawley, owner of JCA Insurance Services, and Kenny Hendricks, HawkSoft Marketing and Business Development CoordinatorHawkSoft PartnerView Recording Here
09/17/2020HUG Fall Workshop - TIPS & TRICKSKelly Endicott, HUG User & Linda Anderson, HawkSoftHUGView Recording Here
9/10/2020Agency Revolution - How All Lines Insurance got more leads, more clients, and sold more policiesJoel Zwicker, Agency Revolution and Jessica Tice, All Lines InsuranceHawkSoft PartnerView Recording Here
9/9/2020Podium - 3 Ways to Attract Leads & Increase Client EngagementHayley Sonntag, Podium
Joseph Jenkins, Podium
Matt Barber, Western States Insurance
HawkSoft PartnerView Recording Here
8/19/2020HUG Monthly Webinar: Excess & Surplus Lines in HawkSoftRay Roentz, HawkSoft UserHUGView Recording Here
8/18/2020Mythos Technology Inc - Cyberattacks: NIST framework and what is needed to assess Cyber risksJames Laszko, CTOPartnerView Recording Here
8/13/2020XILOJon Corin, CEO of XILOPartnerView Recording Here
8/11/2020Connecting with Insurers through your HawkSoft System and IVANSCal Durland, IVANS DirectorPartnerView Recording Here
8/06/2020Agave, Insurance Payments Effortlessly -
Top 5 Ways To Modernize Your Agency Cash Management Solutions & Premium Finance Program
David Takacs, Automated Installment Systems with AgavePartnerView Recording Here
8/4/2020Virtual Assistants and What You Need to Know!
Andy Priesman, CEO of Cover Desk and Kelsey Tenaillon, Director, Sales & Marketing
PartnerView Recording Here
7/29/2020HUG Monthly Webinar: Unraveling Policy Company Set-Up, which results in a cleaned-up Agency IntelligenceCelia Cross, HawkSoft UserHUGView Recording Here
7/21/2020Semsee - Using Technology to Grow Your Small Commercial BookPhilip Charles-Pierre, CEOPartnerView Recording Here
7/14/2020Agentero - How to grow your agency in the digital age
Ido Deutsch, Head of GrowthPartnerView Recording Here
7/9/2020HawkSoft Town Hall: Live from the HawkSoft WoodshopPaul Hawkins (CEO), Sean Hawkins (VP Development), Javier Torres (PM), Ryan Reese (PO), Kenny Hendricks (Bus. Dev)HUG / HawkSoftView Recording Here
6/25/2020HawkSoft Webinar: Commercial Workflows and Self-service CertificatesChris LeJeune (Sr. Territory Manager) and Ryan Reese (Product Owner), HawkSoftHawkSoft
View Recording Here
6/24/2020HUG Monthly Webinar: How to Leverage HawkSoft for Employee BenefitsLynnette Wood, HawkSoft UserHUGDocument to Read (no recording available)
6/24/2020HawkSoft Partner Webinar: BlueJay Reviews, Tips on Collecting Online Reviews so you can Write More PoliciesPaul Moody, John Tolbert, and Sean Grace, BlueJay ReviewsHawkSoft PartnerView Recording Here
6/23/2020HawkSoft Partner Webinar: Better Agency, Hidden Automation Secrets Revealed For HawkSoft UsersNicholas Ayers, Chief Marketing Officer, Better AgencyHawkSoft PartnerView Recording Here
6/17/2020HawkSoft Webinar: Managed Accounting - Offload Tedius Accounting and Commission Tasks to the Pros Crystal Erlitz, Manager of Managed Accounting, HawkSoftHawkSoftView Recording Here
6/18/2020Unstoppable Profit Producers - Blueprint To Your Million Dollar Agency Mike Stromsoe, OwnerPartnerView Recording Here
6/11/2020HawkSoft Partner Webinar: Bridge 3.0, Communicate Your Way to More Sales & RetentionCharlie Griffin, Chief Sales Office, The Kotter GroupHawkSoft PartnerView Recording Here
6/9/2020Agency Zoom - Sales & Marketing Automation's Impact on the Customer JourneyKat Ternes, VP Sales & MarketingPartnerView Recording Here
6/2/2020Smart Financial - Staying Productive While Navigating Unprecedented TimesAndrew RassonPartnerEmail
5/28/2020Insurance Agent App - Why Secure Mobile Integration w/ HawkSoft is Vital to Your Agency’s FutureMatt Aaron & Kiki Johnson, Co-FoundersPartnerView Recording Here
05/27/2020HUG Monthly Webinar: Part II Checklists in HawkSoft - Tracking & Reporting on Procedures and ProductionMichelle Hancock - HawkSoft UserHUGView Recording Here
05/20/2020HUG Monthly Webinar: Procedure Checklists in HawkSoftMichelle Hancock - HawkSoft UserHUGView Recording Here
5/14/2020InsuredMine - How Agencies are focused on Sales & Marketing Automation in 2020Raution Jaiswal, Co-FounderPartnerView Recording Here
5/13/2020ProducersXL - Best Practices for Cross SellingSean McBride, Field Marketing ManagerPartnerView Recording Here
5/12/2020Rocket Referrals - How Communicating with Customers has ChangedTorey Maerz, CEO and Carl Maerz, COOPartnerView Recording Here
5/7/2020Podium - From Search to Sold - 100% Digitally
(How to keep business coming in, when people aren't going out)
Cameron Tolman, Regional Director of SalesPartnerView Recording Here
5/5/2020Agency Revolution - Using Automation to Improve the Client Experience and Grow Your AgencyJamie Trovato, Trovato & Associates Owner (and HUG Member) and
Joel Zwicker, Agency Revolution Business Development Manager
PartnerView Recording Here
5/1/2020Forge3 - 6 Ideas to Sell More and Service Better Using Your Agency's Website (especially when working remotely)Jeff Teschke, Founder and CEO / Zack Yurch, Director of New BusinessPartnerView Recording Here
4/30/ - Digital Marketing.....where to start before it's too lateSkip Gilliland, VP of MarketingPartnerView Recording Here
4/29/2020HawkSoft Partner Webinar: Formstack Sign, Increase Productivity with HawkSoft E-SignatureMatt Brauer (Sr. Territory Manager) and Crystal Townsend (Sales Specialist), HawkSoft, and JP Peek, Formstack SignHawkSoft PartnerView Recording Here
4/28/2020MarshBerry - Perpetuation or Survival? Planning in a Changing WorldWayne Walkotten, EVPPartnerEmail
4/23/2020Aureus Analytics - Finding the Diamonds in Your BackyardRon Shroyer (Aureus), Frank Sentner, and Chris Paradiso (HUG Member)PartnerView Recording Here
04/22/2020HUG Monthly Webinar: Leveraging Text Messaging in HawkSoftGary Paulson, HawkSoft UserHUGView Recording Here
4/16/2020Levitate - How to Drive Referral Business and Improve Account RoundingJes Lipson, CEO and Gina Nelson, HUG memberPartnerView Recording Here
4/7/2020Lightspeed Voice & HawkSoftGreg McCammon - Vendor PresentationPartnerView Recording Here
4/2/2020ePayPolicyRuben Arce, Product SpecialistPartnerNot Recorded
03/18/2020HUG Monthly Webinar: Building Your Own Templates (Correspondence Templates)Thomas McKee, HawkSoft UserHUGView Recording Here
02/26/2020HUG Monthly Webinar: Time-Saving Tools That EVERYONE Should be Using in HawkSoftKelly Endicott, HawkSoft UserHUGView Recording Here
02/20/2020HawkSoft Partner Webinar: IAM, Deliver an Exceptional Mobile Experience to your CustomersKiki Johnson (Co-founder) and Matt Aaron (Co-founder), Insurance Agent MobileHawkSoft PartnerView Recording Here
01/16/2020HawkSoft / IAOA Webinar: Mythbusting Insurance Accounting (Integrated vs. Non-integrated)Crystal Erlitz, Manager of Managed Accounting, HawkSoftHawkSoft / IAOAView Recording Here
01/15/2020HUG Monthly Webinar: Rewrites & Renewals - Workflows and tips to make Agency Intelligence work for you!George Patterson, HawkSoft UserHUGView Recording Here
12/4/2019HawkSoft / IAOA Webinar: Tips on Writing Farm InsuranceJeff Joseph (VP), Mitchell-Joseph InsuranceHawkSoft / IAOAView Recording Here
11/15/2019HawkSoft / IAOA Webinar: Secrets of Well-Managed High-Growth AgenciesChris LeJeune (Sr. Territory Manager)HawkSoft / IAOAView Recording Here
May 2018The Most Important Item to Pack in Your Skill Development ToolkitSheldon SnodgrassPartnerView Recording Here
February 2018Overview of Marketing topics Chris will be teaching at the 2018 National ConferenceChris ParadisoPartnerView Recording Here
November 2017Best Practices for Communicating with Insureds While Protecting Your AgencyAdam Kotter
Kotter Group
PartnerView Recording Here
August 2017Elevating Client Relationships using a Single QuestionMatthew Smith Rocket ReferralsPartnerView Recording Here

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