HUG Fall Interactive Virtual Training Series

Registration Links Now Open!

Normally we hold 6-8 one-day meetings across the country – referred to as “Fall Regionals”.  In lieu of HUG Fall Regionals being cancelled due to COVID-19, HUG (and the Fall Meetings Planning Committee) has put together a series of virtual sessions to be held on Thursdays in September and October, because we still wanted to provide a fall educational experience and make it as interactive as possible.  We hope you’ll be able to attend one or two of them!  The size is VERY limited at only 25 agents per session to ensure they are interactive and you get your questions answered.  The cost is $25 for these 90-minute sessions.  However, they will be posted to the HUG website this Fall, after the fact, for those who were not able to attend.   Recordings/viewings will be free of charge.  It is our hope that you come ready to learn, ready to share when applicable, and ready to engage in the conversation – on video screen with your fellow HUG members and the HUG and HawkSoft presenters.  

There are 7 sessions covering 7 topics on 7 dates.  Register for the one or two that will best meet your needs – skill set, experience level, and maybe role in your organization.  These vary from beginner to intermediate and advanced level classes. 

Sept 17 – Tips & Tricks

Sept 24 – Email Marketing

Oct. 1 – Bootcamp (for Beginner/New HawkSoft Users)

Oct. 8 – Commercial Lines

Oct. 15 – Advanced Reporting

Oct. 22 – The Toolbar 

Oct. 29 – Sales & Retention Pipeline



  • We are using a RingCentral meeting which sits on a Zoom platform.  Since covid has happened, most of us have had more experience with online meetings. 
  • We ask everyone to be on video; however by default all but the presenters are muted.
  • We suggest that you attend the workshop on a computer workstation with dual monitors – so you can watch the presentation and try things in your own system.
  • We ask that you click on the Participants button, this will open a list of attendees.  When you have a question, click on the button to raise your hand.  We will periodically address those questions.  When it comes time to respond, unmute yourself first and then ask your question.  When you are done asking your question, place yourself back on mute so that we don’t hear background noise from your office or if you have to put us on hold. 


What To Expect

Agencies say our meetings are among the most effective educational opportunities of the year. The insurance industry continues to march towards modern tools and methods. The biggest risk your agency may face is not staying current with these changes.

HawkSoft User Groups (HUGs) are regional meetings focused on the business climate in your area. They provide unique opportunities to network, learn best practices, share knowledge, and leverage the power of a group of like-minded agencies.

HawkSoft maintains an active presence in the insurance industry. We participate in industry think-tanks, conventions, and trade shows. We lobby for positive change on behalf of Independent Agents. We represent our agency clients and their views at these conferences. Then, we report back to you.

Tips & tricks

Hands-on labs

Panel discussions

Share your expertise

Ask product questions

Discuss regional trends

Guest speakers and thought-leaders

Connect with HawkSoft stakeholders

Shape the HawkSoft product roadmap

Learn what’s new and coming in HawkSoft

Discover how other agencies use HawkSoft