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AI and HawkSoft: Elevating the Insurance Agency’s Game

By August 28, 2023Insurance
AI and HawkSoft: Elevating the Insurance Agency's Game blog - silhouette hand pressing AI buttons

In the ever-evolving world of insurance, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Seasoned HawkSoft users understand the importance of leveraging technology to optimize their operations, particularly with the dawn of the Hawksoft 6 cloud platform. Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI) – not just a buzzword, but a tool with the potential to revolutionize agency processes. Let’s delve into how AI programs like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard can work with HawkSoft to address specific needs, and how we’ve been using it in our agency for a number of tasks.

1. Crafting Text and Email Templates
We all know how important our templates are, and how much time they save us. Once created, the bulk of our time is spent in updating them/creating more, depending on the state of the market and/or agency. AI can analyze years of correspondence to determine which emails or text messages have the highest response rates. For instance, if AI detects that emails containing the phrase “personalized insurance plan” have a 20% higher open rate, it can suggest incorporating this phrase into future templates. HawkSoft can then store and manage these AI-optimized templates, ensuring that agents always have the most effective communication tools at their fingertips.

2. Tailored Marketing Campaigns
Every insurance niche has its unique challenges and opportunities. An agency specializing in marine insurance has different marketing needs than one focusing on life insurance (obviously). AI can sift through vast amounts of data to identify trends specific to each niche based on the most recent trends. For example, if AI determines that boat owners in Florida are increasingly concerned about hurricane coverage, agencies can then launch targeted marketing campaigns addressing this specific need. And in a post-Covid world, this is most critical.  For this type of research, you will want the most up-to-date information and so Bard may be your best bet since it will give more recent data than ChatGPT will.  The more specific you get with your questions, the better answers you will get.

3. Strengthening Agency Processes
No agency is perfect. There are always areas that could benefit from refinement. AI can analyze an agency’s operations, pinpointing areas of inefficiency or potential improvement. Suppose an agency struggles with accountability and making sure all tasks are completed correctly. AI can analyze your current agency processes and help you pinpoint the most effective areas to spot check to keep the team on task and focused on the areas that can be controlled, rather than on outcomes outside of their control. It’s like having a personal coach that constantly helps the agency bulk up its weaknesses.  A simple copy/paste to ChatGPT of the agency process you’d like to improve will generate your evaluation, and again, the more specific the process, the more comprehensive your evaluation will be.

4. Data-Driven Decision Making
In the insurance world, making decisions based on gut feelings is risky and yet that’s how so many of us have operated for a very long time. AI can analyze both agency and client data to provide actionable insights. For instance, if AI identifies that a significant portion of an agency’s clientele is nearing retirement age, it might suggest offering more information on annuities or long-term care insurance. HawkSoft can then facilitate the distribution of this information, ensuring that clients receive timely and relevant advice. On a deeper level, using an AI program that integrates with HawkSoft, like DONNA by Aureus Analytics, can not only help you pinpoint cross-selling opportunities for each client on an individual level, but can also help you analyze deeper data such as agency and carrier satisfaction based on a number of advanced data points. If one carrier has a satisfaction score of 80% and another has only 60% for instance, that would be worth reviewing.

5. Bolstering the Agency Blog
A well-maintained blog can position an agency as an industry thought leader. However, consistently generating relevant content can be challenging. AI can analyze trending topics in the insurance world and suggest blog topics. For example, when the Gwenyth Paltrow skiing incident made national headlines, a surge in searches of personal liability followed. AI can use this data to prompt the agency to address the topic on their blog. HawkSoft has also posted an example of how they used ChatGPT to assist in the creation of a blog.

6. Evaluating Prospective Employees
Hiring the right talent is crucial. AI can assist agencies in sifting through resumes, highlighting candidates whose experience and skills align with the agency’s needs. For instance, if an agency is looking to expand into the commercial insurance sector, AI can prioritize resumes that highlight experience in this niche and help you develop interview questions and tasks to find the right candidate and ensure a smooth transition for new hires.


For seasoned insurance agents familiar with HawkSoft, the integration of AI isn’t just a futuristic concept—it’s a game-changer. By addressing specific agency needs, from communication to hiring, AI and HawkSoft together offer a powerful toolkit to elevate agency operations, ensuring that agencies not only stay competitive but also lead the way in the modern insurance landscape.


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