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Daily Download Leads to Retained Business and Prevents Client Shopping

By March 13, 2018September 15th, 2021Using HawkSoft

One important office procedure done in our agency is making sure that the downloads are done daily and worked on diligently.  Our compliance department knows which carriers download and which carriers must be updated manually.  So, we address all our business and nurture our customers with the tools we have.

Process the Download

Go to Tasks ->Downloads. Run your downloads for the day and make sure all is well.  After we finish the downloads, we close the download file.  Then on the Main Start screen, we refresh the screen with an F5, this will update any and all Unmatched Documents in the Inbox that were in the downloads today.  Our agency does not experience many unmatched files, but the ones we do have are addressed immediately.

Send Batch Emails

The next procedure is going back to open the Download Report to start with manual drip marketing.

  • Go to Reports on the top left bar of HawkSoft
  • Open up Download Reports and select Last Processed
  • Once it appears, go straight to Transaction Purpose on the top of the report. Click this title heading to sort the transactions alphabetically – cancellation, endorsement, new business, reinstatements, renewals, etc.  Every one of our transactions are looked at and addressed accordingly.

  • Highlight the client renewals in preparation for a batch email blast. Right click on the in the blue area and select Send Email. We have several email templates available that we use for new business, renewals, cancellations and so on.

Below is a sample email template that goes out to all renewal policies.

Text Rate Changes

Our next agency procedure is addressing the rate changes on the renewal downloads.  Yes, the customers will get our normal email Annual Policy Review Request, but any account that has a 12% or higher rate change will also get a text from HawkSoft requesting a review.  What’s great about our text message is that it gives the insured an opportunity to interact back with the agency.  The interaction has been very favorable with the agency.

We text our clients individually, accessing their record via the report.  Our agency uses Message Media for texting.

Renewal Reminder Text Template:

From Raymond Longoria Agency.  Just a courtesy reminder that your <<Pol_title>> insurance policy will be renewing soon.  Call us to set up a policy review.  Save $$$$ now with a phone call to 956.581.1034.  Remember we are “Insurance Brokers” and we represent over 50 major insurance companies, SO LET US DO THE SHOPPING FOR YOU. Reply with a “C” if you want us to REQUOTE YOUR INSURANCE.

In conclusion, it’s very important in our agency to process the download on daily basis and use the reports generated to communicate with our clients.  This helps us retain our business.   The benefit of using the texting feature is the ability to immediately interact with the customer once we know he or she has a sizeable increase.  We all know that clients tend to start shopping around when those increases come.  Since we are the insurance brokers, let us do the shopping.

Raymond Longoria
Raymond Longoria Insurance
Mission, TX
Phone:  (956) 581-1034