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Letter from the President of HawkSoft Users Group, Inc.

Greetings fellow agencies using HawkSoft,

It is my great pleasure to announce the formation of an official non-profit users group, HawkSoft Users Group, Inc. (HUG). We have the full endorsement and support of HawkSoft, Inc., and will be the conduit to work with HawkSoft to ensure the software (and our agencies) continue to run effectively and efficiently.

Now, let me introduce myself. I’m Cindy Steinbach, agency owner of Mayville Insurance in Wisconsin. I made the switch to HawkSoft in 2015. I love the system but miss the strong user group relationships my agency previously had with our old system. For the past year, I’ve been working with other agents who had the same vision. Together, we proposed our idea to HawkSoft and created this user group. Meet the other Board of Directors.

HUG’s Purpose:

  • Connect HawkSoft users together to collaborate on common issues or questions.
  • Give agents a more direct link to the HawkSoft development team, influencing future versions of the software.
  • Promote relationships between HUG and industry organizations like ACT, AUGIE, ACORD, IVANS and local IA networks.
  • Sponsor regional meetings, seminars, workshops, and the annual national convention.


There is no cost to join HUG in 2017.  An agency owner or authorized representative may register your agency here. This gives the HUG permission to communicate with your agency directly. Also, registered agencies will receive discounts on events and access to resources like tricks and tips developed by agents that could immediately help your agency.

We’re working to create a web platform for HUG. For now, we will use emails and a private Facebook group for communication. To join our member-only Facebook group, find us here and ask to join. We would like to hear your ideas and vision as well for what else we can do together as a user group. Email to get in touch.

Remember to register today to receive more information and details about HUG.

I look forward to an exciting, prosperous, and event filled 2017 for HUG!

Respectfully yours,

Cindy Steinbach, CIC, CISR
President, HUG, Inc.
Agency owner, Mayville Insurance Agency, Mayville, WI

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