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Incorporating a Social Media Calendar into your Agency

By November 16, 2020September 15th, 2021Industry Information, Planning

As a small agency, the day to day is hectic enough.  Adding a marketing strategy, whether it be social media, print ads, or radio can be difficult.  We do all of this in house with the help of software and a social content calendar.  With all the social media platforms to keep up with, it can be time consuming to post on each one individually.  Using a social media calendar can utilize a single post on all the platforms with one click.  Once I discovered this technology, it was life changing. Here is a list of things I have learned firsthand the past few months.

  1. Using a calendar will help prevent the scramble to find content to frequently post. 

Each segment of content creating is 4 weeks in length.  I will use a theme to post on during these 4 weeks.  For example, in the month of August we posted content on agribusiness insurance and harvesting safety tips.  By planning ahead, it frees up working hours and allows me to focus on lead generation or retention of our current customers.

  1. The calendar will let you customize your post for each platform. 

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all have different image and video specifications.  Learning these and posting in accordance will help your presentation on each platform.  Your message will appear thoughtful and intentional.

  1. Social Content Calendars can track your performance and help plan future content.

The calendar we use in our agency gives us an overall perspective on the kind of engagement we are getting and also per post.  Reviewing the data and charts allows me to plan posts for the future.  I have found personal posts about our staff and videos perform the best on Facebook.


  1. Using a calendar helps incorporate national days and holidays.

Along with identifying important seasons and holidays, you can highlight national days of the year.  I use to help identify the days of the year.

There are many advantages to using a social content calendar.  In today’s world time savers like these are well worth the money.  They can also help you improve your content strategy by tracking results.  We use Thryv as a marketing management system.  There are many platforms available and most of them are affordable. 


Cassie Lenahan
Schatz Insurance Agency
Huntingburg, Indiana