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Customize List Templates

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Disclaimer: the templates listed here were provided by HawkSoft users to share information with fellow HawkSoft users. You may find that the templates would not be accurate for your agency. Please read carefully and use at your own risk. Once you have copied the template into your HawkSoft system, feel free to modify it to your liking.

All customize list message templates are saved as XLS files.

All templates have been subjected to a virus scan prior to upload. However; we strongly recommend running a virus scan on all items you download as a general rule.


Click the name of the template you wish to view/download. The XLS file will download into your Downloads directory and display the template at the bottom of your browser using the default program on your computer to view XLS files.

Click on the file name at the bottom of your browser to view.

If you would like to add this information to your HawkSoft system, open CMS and go to the Settings button and select Customize List.

Select the type of list you downloaded (e.g. Suspense Categories) and click Edit.

Add a New item to the list and copy (CTL+C) the information from the XLS and paste (CTL+V) it into the CMS system.

Click OK to save.
Customize List Templates
Customize List Templates - View of a Group of Cheerful Business Employees Sittiing in a Row in the Office Using Their Phones and Tablets

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