Hi <<Cli_FirstNames:PC>>,


I just wanted to drop you an email and let you know that your renewal is coming up!

We love the opportunity to check in with our clients and help make sure your renewal is all set! With that in mind, I'll soon be reaching out to you so we take just a few moments and catch up and get everything all updated for this year.


If you have a specific time you'd like me to call or you prefer to call in at a convenient time for you, that would be great. Just hit reply and let me know what works for you or give our office a call at <<Agncy_Phone>>.


Otherwise, I'll call in the next week or so!


We'll go over your coverage needs, look for changes that need to be made, offer suggestions and perhaps uncover a discount that you may now qualify for! So let's be sure we connect soon!


Most importantly, thank you for letting us help you with your insurance needs!



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