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West Bend continues to offer the following auto and home safety feature discounts. You may have contacted us already about some of these, but we always want to remind you to make sure you are receiving the best possible pricing.


Do any of your vehicles have the following features?

  • Curve Adaptive headlights - lights that will pivot in the direction the vehicle is moving based on the movement of the steering wheel
  • Back up warning - sensors or cameras
  • Driver fatigue sensing - driver typically alerted by vibrations in the seat, steering wheel or audible warnings
  • Forward crash avoidance (if so, with or without auto braking)
  • Lane departure or blind spot monitoring (if so, just lane departure monitoring, or blind spot monitoring, or both)
  • Do you have a backup generator in your home?  If so is it automatic or portable?


    Do you have any of the following security systems?

  • Local burglar and/or fire alarm
  • Sprinkler system in all rooms
  • Central station burglar and/or fire
  • Fire/Police Dept Burglar and/or fire
  • West Bend will provide a discount when a home is equipped with a "smart" system that monitors the performance of key systems (HVAC, electrical, water, etc).  It may also provide security monitoring, including the detection of smoke/fire.  The system must provide remote alerts to the insured (for example, via smart phone).  An additional discount will apply if the system allows the insured to control systems remotely. 


    Please contact us if any of these discounts should be added to your policy. Your business is greatly appreciated.


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