Dear <<Cli_FirstNamesPreferred:PC>>,

This letter is to inform you of the process that needs to be followed with regards to reinstating coverage on your collector vehicle insured with American Collectors.


For premium savings, American Collectors allows us to reduce coverage to storage only while your vehicle is not being used for a period of time. However, for reinstatement to occur, we must be contacted 24 hours, 1 full business day in advance of you wanting to drive this vehicle.


During a normal business week, if you want to use the vehicle on a Wednesday, we must be contacted by Monday to have coverage on the vehicle by Wednesday.


If you want to take the vehicle out on a Saturday or Sunday, my office must be contacted by Thursday of that week. Always keep in mind business days and legal holidays.


In other works, please give us plenty of time to make the request and confirm you have coverage. If you have any questions, please contact my office. Thank you in advance for following this process.


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