Dear <<Cli_FirstNamesPreferred:PC>>,


Effective <<Input:Effective date of no coverage?>>, all coverage has been removed from the <<Input:Vehicles with no coverage?>>.

I have enclosed a bright orange card. Please place this card with the <<Input:Type of vehicle?>>. This will remind you to call our agency to reinstate coverage on the <<Input:Type of vehicle?>>.


Without notifying our agency, you have no coverage on the <<Input:Vehicles with no coverage?>>.


It is important to understand, if you have a homeowners or renters policy, there is no coverage extended from either of these polices.


Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you.


<<User Name>>
<<Agncy_Address>>, <<Agncy_City>>, <<Agncy_State>>  <<Agncy_Zip>>
Phone:<<Agncy_Phone>>  |  Fax: <<Agncy_Fax>>