Dear <<Cli_FirstNames:PC>>,

Home address:

Is the home frame or brick?

What year was the house was built?

Is the home in the country? If so, how many miles to town?

What fire department would service your property?

What is the square footage of the home?

Number of stories?

Is there a basement?  If so, is it finished?  Percentage that is finished?

Is there a wood burner or fireplace?  If there is a fireplace, what type, i.e. gas, natural, wood insert, freestanding or masonry? How many fireplaces are there?

If known, what year is the roof?

What type of siding does the home have? Aluminum, wood, vinyl, asbestos

Is there central air?

Number of bathrooms?

Any decks, if yes, square footage?

Is there a porch? If yes,  open or enclosed and square footage.

Is there a garage? If so, how many cars and is it detached or attached.

Is there a wood burner in any detached structure?

Do you have any animals?  If you have a dog, what is the breed of the dog?

Is there a swimming pool?

If yes, do you have a diving board?

Is there a trampoline?

Please provide me with the lender information - name and phone number.


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