Hi <<Cli_First:PC>>: Don't forget to refer your friends and tell them you sent them so we can give you many thank$. Below is a sample text to text to anyone including friends and enemies!


Sample Referral Text Message:

Hi this is <<Cli_First:PC>> <<Cli_Last>>. I have fantastic insurance with amazing service with <<Agncy_Name:PC>>. You should call them now about your insurance or give me a call. Please be sure to tell them I recommended you. They have a great way of thanking people who refer them business and they are great people. <<Agncy_Phone>><<Agncy_Address>>, <<Agncy_City>>, <<Agncy_Zip>>


Again, be sure to give them my name!

Thank you,

<<User Name>>
<<Agncy_Address>>, <<Agncy_City>>, <<Agncy_State>>  <<Agncy_Zip>>
Phone:<<Agncy_Phone>>  |  Fax: <<Agncy_Fax>>