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As a valued customer, we are writing to you today because over the past year, we believe that the exposure to Cyber-crime now presents a major risk to the health and well-being of your business. The <<Agncy_Name>> believes that all of its personal lines and commercial customers should have the protection of cyber insurance. To that end, <<Agncy_Name>> has developed two new Cyber Business Solution products that are available to you today.

The first is the Cyber Small Business Solution, which features a $ 100,000 limit liability policy that will be appropriate for many small business owners for $ 200 a year (Subject to eligibility requirements.)

The second Cyber Insurance Solution features much higher limits and much broader coverage including coverage for ransomware attacks. The minimum premium under this program can be as little as $ 1,000. The limits available under this program start at $1,000,000 but can go up to $10,000,000 and higher.

Do you think you need Cyber Coverage? Consider these real life examples and whether your business could afford losses such as these:

As an overall observation, the risk of a cyber breach, ransomware attack or cyber loss in the world today is certainly higher than it has ever been….. and it’s getting worse. Our current recommendation to all of our customers is to buy cyber insurance.

Please call one of us today for more information on our new cyber programs and how we can help you to protect your company from the threat of a cyber loss.

Please Contact us at <<Agncy_Phone>> or <<Agncy_Email>>.


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