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Isn’t it time we handled all your personal insurance needs?

It is a great pleasure to work with you on your automobile insurance, and I want to thank you again for insuring with <<Agncy_Name>>.  Recently, while reviewing your policy for renewal, I noticed that you do not have your homeowners or renters insurance with us.

You may not know this, but there are significant advantages to having both home and auto policies with <<Agncy_Name>>.  In addition to the convenience of dealing with only one agent for both policies, you may qualify for discounts of up to 20%.  For some people, that’s up to $400 in savings - enough for that new TV, a mini-vacation, or a fresh set of tires.

Why not give me an opportunity to review your present homeowners policy? I’ll make sure you have the best coverage, and I’ll let you know how much money you can save. Plus, many of my clients find that I can offer them better coverage AND a reduction in cost.

It costs nothing to find out how you can start saving today.  Why not give me a call (<<Agncy_Phone>>) or contact me by email, <<User_Email>>?


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