Insured: <<Cli_NamedInsuredsAll>>           
Policy Number: <<Pol_PolNum>>   
Policy Period: <<Pol_EffectDate>> - <<Pol_ExpireDate>>
Carrier: <<Pol_Company>>

Amount Due: <<Input:Amount Due >>          

Cancellation Date: <<Input:Cancellation Date>>     

Dear <<Input:Salutation Name>>:

As a courtesy, we are providing you with a copy of the non-payment cancellation notice you probably already received via USPS.  If payment does not reach the billing party by the pending cancellation date, then they may not agree to reinstate.  Please send your payment in time to reach the billing party before the cancellation date.

If a rescinder notice is received at our office, a copy of the notice will be sent to you.

If you have any questions or if you have already made the payment, please feel free to email me.  No further correspondence will be sent regarding this cancellation.

Thank you for placing your business with <<Agncy_Name>> .


<<User Name>>
<<User_Notes>>, <<Agncy_Name>>
<<Agncy_Address>>, <<Agncy_City>>, <<Agncy_State>>  <<Agncy_Zip>>
Phone:<<Agncy_Phone>>  |  Fax: <<Agncy_Fax>>