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RE: Workers Compensation Audit Due by <<Input:Due By>>

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This is a courtesy notice that an audit on your Workers Compensation policy is now due. When your policy was issued, the premium was calculated based on estimated exposures (payroll). As explained in your policy language we are required by the state to assess your records to determine the actual premium exposure (payroll) on the policy listed above. To remain consistent with state requirements, this audit must be completed on every policy including PayGo, payroll reporting, monthly reporting, and even if it were cancelled or non-renewed.

Attached is a copy of blank audit forms that need to be filled out and sent back to Markel (a copy with your policy information has previously been mailed to you). You can also access your audit forms as well as make payments, view payment history and view all your policy documents by registering for our Insured Service Center at https://portal.markelinsurance.com

Please complete and return to Markel before <<Input:Due By>>. If available, please include a copy of your payroll ledger (example: QuickBooks - Payroll Summary Report by Employee) and any subcontractors certificates of insurance to expedite your assessment process. Once the documents are received and verified for accuracy Markel will process the audit using the correct payroll information.

Depending upon your state's specific rules, failure to provide the completed audit documents could result in a noncompliant charge equaling up to three times your estimated premium. This non-compliant charge would remain on your account until you comply with the audit.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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