2021 HUG Spring Training Series – SPONSORS


THANK YOU TO OUR 2021 SPONSORS for supporting the HUG Spring Training Virtual Interactive Sessions.
If you would like to sponsor next year’s regional meetings, email amelia@hawksoftusergroup.org.   

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If your clients aren’t hearing from you, they’re forgetting about you. Your agency is growing and you’re firing on all cylinders but all your company resources are spent on sales, service, and the day-to-day fires that have to be put out. You feel reactive, especially with your clients. They aren’t hearing from you. But they are hearing from your competitors. When you partner with Renew King, we engage your customers with timely surveys that generate 5 star Google reviews, deliver regular content that keeps them connected and run cross-selling campaigns that set you up for an easy close. There’s no confusing software to learn or manage and we write and deliver every email so you can focus on what you do best. Let’s schedule a chat so we can see how RK will work for you.
RenewKing WebsiteJosh Hindman
Want clients to always have a current auto ID, policy info, and do everything they need in a tap? Want to reduced service workloads and have more time to sell? Want your tech stack to be easy and automated? Then it's time to deliver a mobile 24/7 service platform: Insurance Agent AppInsurance Agent App WebsiteKiki Johnson
Aureus is the customer intelligence and experience company that enables insurers to deliver superior customer experience leading to higher customer retention, loyalty, and lifetime value. The AI platform has processed more than 60 million insurance policy data points from customers globally. DONNA is an Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Platform for Independent Agencies. Our mission is to enable independent agencies to leverage vast data sets they already own to improve customer experience, increase cross-sell and account rounding opportunities, and increase retention by 1 – 3%.Aureus Analytics WebsiteLeland Holcomb
Levitate helps Insurance agencies keep in touch with clients, prospects, and referral sources in a personal and authentic way. We provide software, custom content, and marketing coaching services to help agents send personalized, authentic emails at scale. By leveraging data from email and calendar systems and, our HawkSoft integration, we help our customers stay top of mind with the right contacts at the right time, driving better retention, account rounding, and word-of-mouth referrals.Levitate Websitedemo@levitateapp.com
Pathway helps small and mid-size insurance agencies attract new customers and build loyalty with existing policyholders by leveraging the power of a robust automated insurance communication platform. Pathway offers one of the industry's most affordable solutions without skimping on the features necessary to achieve customer retention and growth.Pathway WebsiteLuke Tosic
Forge3's ActiveAgency website platform is the highest-rated, fastest-growing solution in the insurance industry. Not only will your website look incredible and be designed for SEO, but it'll also include everything you need to look amazing, get found, sell more, and service better. Powerful sales tools and features include Clickable Coverage, Hello Producer, Video Proposals, and so much more. Visit forge3.com to learn more and schedule your demo.Forge3 WebsiteZack Yurch
Rocket Referrals is a leading insurance communications platform based in Des Moines, Iowa. Rocket Referrals provides insurance agents across the U.S. with innovative tools to gather and analyze NPS feedback, manage online reputation, collect reviews and testimonials, grow referrals, automate cross-selling and manage communications spanning email, text messaging and direct mail. With Rocket Referrals, clients stay longer, buy more and refer their friends.Rocket Referrals WebsiteKalie Kelman
Mythos Technology has over 20 years of IT experience leveraging technologies to produce efficiency. We work to make technology an asset for your Agency. As a long time solution provider for Hawksoft agencies, we have the experience and know how on how to help you get to the next level. Whether you feel underserved by your current IT provider, are looking to grow, or are interested in greater efficiency, Mythos Technology leads the way.Webinar for NIST Cybersecurity and your AgencyJames Laszko
Lightspeed Voice is a leading VoIP and Sales Automation provider focused on the insurance agency force across the United States. Our tools enable more efficiency and consolidation of technology to increase productivity in both sales and service aspects of your agency. Our platform has all-inclusive pricing that includes all functionality such as texting, call recordings, virtual fax, and toll-free service among many other features. Lightspeed Voice is a proud integration partner of Hawksoft and can be found on the Hawksoft Marketplace.Lightspeed Voice WebsiteSteven Mohr
ePaymints is a global software and financial technology company providing solutions that integrate payments and software for the insurance industry. Founded by insurance veterans along with payment processing experts, we offer a fresh approach to accepting payments through a frictionless experience. We help streamline your operations with a customized experience while keeping you secure.ePaymints WebsiteJodi Durst
Agency Revolution’s marketing automation solution, Fuse, integrates with HawkSoft Agency Management System using their API. This seamless, two-way sync enables agencies to use client and policy data to deliver highly personalized client communications and timely campaigns. In addition, it allows agencies to deploy sophisticated marketing campaigns designed to automate cross-selling, reputation management, the client referral process, and more. Agency Revolution is also HawSoft’s preferred website vendor.Agency Revolution Websitegrow@agencyrevolution.com
InsureZone Inc., was started in 1999 and its goal was to bring software solutions to P&C insurance to make quoting, buying and servicing a policy more efficient. What began as a COMPARATIVE QUOTING SERVICE for personal and commercial lines is now comprised of 21 API driven software tools that range from FIDO our Sales CRM tool to document management, automated workflows and work queues, online policy servicing, and much more.InsureZone WebsiteJohn Pergande
At Encova Insurance, we’re building a stronger future for our agents and policyholders. With decades of industry experience and comprehensive product offerings, we are pushing innovation forward for our customers. As a comprehensive one-stop shop, Encova is a provider of peace of mind – for our agents, our policyholders and the communities we serve.Encova WebsiteRachel Levien
Founded in 1980, Sun Coast specializes in Non-standard Auto, Mexico Insurance, Boats, Yachts, Commercial Marine, Business Insurance, and Professional Liability; in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Utah. We are currently appointing producers to join us in delivering quality insurance products to the market. If working with a reputable General Agency sounds like a good idea to you, then give one of our Marketing Specialists a call or email and we can get your appointment started.Sun Coast Insurance WebsiteContact by State:
AZ – (949) 768-1132, ext. 210 sboren@SunCoastInsurance.com
CA – (949) 768-1132, ext. 222 Jrafter@SunCoastInsurance.com
CO/UT - (949) 768-1132, ext. 224

800-789-1132, Option 2
IVANS is the insurance industry’s exchange connecting insurers, MGAs, agencies and the insured. IVANS cloud-based software automates the distribution and servicing of insurance products. For more than 35 years, IVANS innovation and expertise has connected 33,000 independent insurance agencies and 430 insurer and MGA partners to enable millions of people to safeguard and protect what matters most in people’s lives.IVANS WebsiteIVANS Connections Team
Created by technology veterans and industry experts, our Brand is to deliver a different agency billing experience across any channel – Effortlessly. We can navigate the complexities of digital payments and are committed to what matters most to Agencies and Wholesalers - securing premium payments, maximizing commissions, establishing true partnerships, and making life easier for Back Office teams. Agave is not just another “payment” company, we are moving the Insurance industry forward through progressive solutions that lead to overall growth.Agave Insurance Payments WebsiteGreg Mallin
BlueJay Reviews is dedicated to helping businesses increase revenue and build a solid reputation by turning reviews into revenue. Managing reviews can make a huge impact on revenue. The problem is how do you do that while trying to run your day to day operations? That’s where BlueJay Reviews will provide you the tools and know how to leverage your greatest asset of repeat and new customers alike. BlueJay Reviews can turn your happy customers into new customers and help to ensure any bad customer experience has been addressed before the review goes public.BlueJay Reviews WebsitePaul Moody
PodiumPodium WebsiteKristi Shaffer
Carson Taylor