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This is currently a pilot program in the HUG of the Heartland region.  Once we have completed the pilot, we will evaluate and determine how to expand to other regions.  You may still complete the Agency Profile Questionnaire to indicate your interest, and we will keep your information on file to contact once the pilot program is complete.

Purpose of a Mentor Program

Taking on a new system, learning a new job or making changes to your agency procedures can be a challenge.  Mentors can contribute to the success of colleagues in implementing the HawkSoft CMS system by sharing their expertise and experience.  It is a reciprocal relationship, and we expect the mentor to gain insight into their own processes as they evaluate and explain them to another.

Mentor:   An experienced and trusted advisor who is willing to share their time and talent in a particular expertise in HawkSoft with a fellow agent asking for help.

Mentee:  An agency or an individual who is advised, trained, or coached by a mentor.

HUG Promise: We will do our best to match a mentor with a mentee taking into consideration size of agency, type of network and agency profile completed by both parties.  We ask that you both complete an agency profile questionnaire.  All information provided on the profile questionnaire will only be shared  with the mentor/mentee.  With both parties agreeing, we will post testimonials on HUG website.

HUG Request:  As a mentee please respect your mentor’s time.  If you have questions that can be answered by HawkSoft Support, contact them as your first line of inquiry.  If you are a new agency, it is normal to call support on a daily basis sometimes even multiple times a day initially.  Your mentor will be able to help with procedural and “why do you do it that way” kind of questions.  As a mentor we ask that you set aside a little time each week to address your mentees questions.  We do not expect you to be an expert in every single area but to help guide your mentee to the best resource for their answers.

HUG will ask the mentee to have one representative from their agency work with the mentor one-on-one. The mentor and mentee can decide how often they would like to talk.  It is recommended that they talk once a week for four to twelve weeks.

When the mentor and mentee decide the mission has been accomplished, HUG asks to be notified, so we are able to keep our mentoring schedule up-to-date and gauge it’s success.  We value your opinion, so please share your experience and any recommendation that could improve the process.

The Rewards:   Both parties will learn and grow.  You will gain professional relationships that can last years. We hope you’ll offer a testimonial of your experience.