2019 National Conference Presentations

A HUG Member Only Benefit
Check out the speaker's presentations from National 2019!


Agents Teaching Agents
Being part of the HUG community means you have the opportunity to learn from your peers – how they are using HawkSoft in their business to run more efficiently, work smarter, leverage all the functionality it has to offer, and learn from advanced users on reporting, planning, cleaning data, and improving sales. 

During the 2019 National Conference in Las Vegas April 4-5, 48 presenters (60% agents, 40% HawkSoft staff) taught over 400 agents like yourself skills, tips, tricks, best practices and everything in between.  As a HUG member, you now have access to those presentations.  We hope you’ll check them out and consider attending next year’s conference April 19-21 in Orlando!