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Bogus Handzel

Vice President

Meet Bogus Handzel

Handzel & Associates, Chicago, IL

Bogus got his start in the industry like many others by answering the phone and opening the mail. Though unlike most of you, this was his job starting at just five years old! He grew up in a first-generation agency that was founded by the determination of an immigrant from Poland searching for a better life for his family. His father would frequently bring Bogus into the office to run files, bring him rating books, stamp, and open the mail. These memories stuck with him and laid the foundation for who he is today. When the time came to make a decision on how to spend his life’s work, he was at a crossroads. Should he make a career out of his hobby in the automotive industry? Or should he join the agency his parents built as a full-time employee and serve a community he is passionate about supporting?

While he still has a deep passion for all things cars, Bogus chose to keep that as a hobby and step into his family’s agency. The family name is plastered on our building’s walls, in their community, and he felt that he had a responsibility to carry this into the future. It was in 2005 when Bogus decided to jump right in. He doesn’t look back and wishes things ended up differently. He’s grown to be dedicated to the insurance industry and bring his deeply analytical and technical skills to their agency and his peers. He’s also proud to say that his younger brother Lukasz felt the same calling that he did and joined the agency in their journey to better serve their community. It is his skillset in financial operations that allows Bogus to focus on the process by which they serve their clients and the technology they implement.

Bogus has worked every job in the agency from entry-level positions to becoming an agent, and eventually an executive team member and owner. None of this was handed to him, and he earned the respect of his employees through this dedicated hard work and by never believing a job was too small for him. He is living and working in an industry that had grown old in its ways with archaic processes and too much paper. It was time to reassess their agency processes and to take a page from their client’s books to clear the job site and reconstruct the core of their agency from the ground up to enable change. Change in both their employees and how they viewed their work and change in the systems that supported the agency. He became obsessed with researching tools and tech that were not yet available within the insurance industry and incorporating them into their processes to better serve their valued clients. It was these changes that allowed their agency to grow from 14 to 28 team members in recent years.

Unsatisfied with their old AMS/CMS system which they used for over a decade and always felt behind the time, he set his focus on discovering something better. Drawing on his like-minded colleagues’ experience, he was introduced to HawkSoft. It was the HawkSoft team of Linda, Tiffany, and Jonathan that guided them to begin again with a software solution that felt current and enabled him to put in place what he envisioned for their agency.

Their agency has worked within HawkSoft for a little over a year now, and it is the culture instilled in the business by the Hawkins family that has turned Bogus into a dedicated supporter and built friendships within HawkSoft. He believes they listen to their users, and his goal as part of HUG is to help support this culture of continuous improvement, and ensure your ideas are heard. To help you with any area he has knowledge on, and continue to hone the HawkSoft product to be the best it can be as a standout product in the industry.

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